Hearing Health Assessments: Hearing and Fitting and More

Get the right hearing aid with a professional consultation. For hearing aid fittings, get in touch with East Tennessee Hearing Center in Johnson City, Tennessee. We provide the latest technology for your hearing health including Bluetooth compatibility, wireless streaming to hearing aid from phones and television and the latest in rechargeable hearing aids. If you are suffering from hearing loss and wish to own an assistive device to help you hear things clearly, we are the right people to call.

Our Services:

  • Hearing Screenings and Evaluations
    • An Otoscopic evaluation is always performed
    • A screening merely detects if there is a hearing loss
    • An evaluation determines the degree of loss and may indicate the cause of the problem. These findings are recorded on an Audiogram.
    • Audiometric test results and client information help the Audiologist to determine the needs of the client.
    • Medical referrals are determined by the Audiologist
  • Hearing Aid Fittings
    • When a hearing aid is chosen to address the hearing loss, it will require adjustments to the aid’s internal settings to match the client’s Audiogram.
  • Hearing Aid Repairs
    • All Makes and Models
  • Aural Rehabilitation
    • Hearing is processed in the brain. Therefore, a learning curve is needed to adjust to sounds in the environment.
    • It typically takes several visits to the Audiologist to properly adjust a hearing aid for various listening situations.
  • Training in Sign Language and Lip Reading skill

A hearing loss is more noticeable than a hearing aid and glasses are more noticeable than a vision loss. Let East Tennessee Hearing Center help you take the next steps to better hearing health.