I thought I could hear everyone just fine until my granddaughter told me I needed to have my hearing checked. I saw Mary Lee and before the appointment was over I felt like I had known her my whole life. She listened well, followed through on everything we discussed and went to the extreme to make sure the hearing aids fit me and my lifestyle. Her office was very professional on every detail and if I had any issues she responded quickly. If you think you have trouble hearing your loved ones, do not wait any longer – I should have gone years ago to East Tennessee Hearing Center. ~ Dennis P., Johnson City, Tenn.

Mary Lee has served the community for many years. She has helped both my mother and me to hear things clearly, so we can both understand our friends and family. Mary Lee will make every effort to assist those with a hearing loss regardless of their income. I was a teacher when I started having difficulty hearing questions my students were asking me. In the beginning, I was in denial that my hearing was declining. I visited East Tennessee Hearing Center and was fitted with hearing aids immediately. It made such a positive change in my life, not only for me but everyone around me. I didn’t realize how many times I was asking people to repeat themselves. I highly recommend Mary Lee and her team for their compassion, service and knowledge. ~ Dava Lee R., Jonesborough, Tenn.

I’d forgotten that rocks crush under my footsteps and birds chirp when I walk outside. I couldn’t even hear the high-pitched beeps from my smoke alarms. I must have appeared absentminded or bored when I wasn’t taking part in conversations, or maybe just plain dumb because I couldn’t communicate. I was too vain to admit that I had a hearing loss.  Thank goodness I got over my foolish pride and went to see Mary Lee at East Tennessee Hearing Center! She gave me a thorough hearing exam, explained my results, and fitted me with state-of-the-art hearing aids. Now, when I place the aids in my ears, I feel more tuned in socially and intellectually.  When a friend noticed my tiny hearing aids and explained that his wife was “nagging” him to get his hearing tested. I gave him the same advice I’d give anyone, “Listen to your wife! And trust me, listening to everyone and everything you’ve been missing will sound pretty durn good with hearing aids from East Tennessee Hearing Center.” ~ Parker S., Kingsport, Tenn.

East Tennessee Hearing Center was absolutely terrific in understanding my hearing problems and my frustrations with previous failures in adapting to hearing aids. They started me off at a level I was comfortable with and we worked up to my target goal. Never once did they try to push any particular product on me and were willing to let me decide what was best for me. I would HIGHLY recommend them for your hearing needs. ~Jerry E., Johnson City, Tenn.

I had such a wonderful experience at East Tennessee Hearing Center from the people, to the products and the service. I felt no pressure to make a purchase, which was refreshing. After my purchase, I was very pleased. ~ Herald E., Va.